Summer Adventures

A spectacular outdoor summer adventure awaits you in Kenora. Whether you want to hit up the trails, go camping or sightseeing, try some rock climbing or a round of golf, we’ve got something for everyone!

Hiking & Walking Trails

Local trail systems weave through urban landscapes, quiet wetlands and wilderness, varying structures, terrain, distances and usages.


Grab your camping gear and make your way into the heart of the Boreal Forest. Kenora is surrounded on all sides by towering pine trees, pristine lakes and rivers, and more expansive forest than you can shake a hiking stick at. You can rough it out in the backcountry or relax at one of our many campgrounds. We have camping adventures suitable for everyone.

A tent setup in the trees along the shores of the Lake of the Woods.


There’s so much to see while you’re in Kenora, and there’s more than one way to see all the best this City has to offer.

If you’re driving, be sure to stop by McLeod Park. You can’t miss the iconic Husky the Muskie, next to the Goodwill Geyser erupting every 15 minutes. From there, take the underpass and visit the James McMillan tugboat, a testament to Kenora’s lumber history. If your drive takes you west to the community of Keewatin, you can see (and tour) the Mather Walls House—the historical architecture is worth the trip, and the house is definitely not haunted.

However, if it’s haunted you’re looking for (and you’re feeling adventurous) rent a boat to sightsee right on the Lake. You can check out the haunted mine shafts on Sultana Island! Even if you’re not seeking a spooking, you can boat by the Devil’s Gap rock or visit Coney Island for a jaunt along the boardwalk.

The most spectacular way to see the sights in Kenora is from the air. Book a sightseeing tour on a float plane and experience the thrill of taking off from the water. Once you’re airborne you can’t miss a view of the Norman Dam, and while you’re touring the thousands of islands on Lake of the Woods by air, watch for the small, perfectly square island that is the abandoned Burley Mine in Bald Indian Bay.15

A plane at the docks for Kenora Sightseeing Air Tours.

Rock Climbing

Situated on the southwest edge of the Canadian Shield—a bold expanse of granite cliffs, all that remains of a three billion year old mountain range—Kenora is the perfect landscape for rock climbers of all skill levels. For beginners and experienced climbers alike, the renowned Gooseneck Rocks to the north of Kenora boast almost 96 routes rated from moderate to extremely severe, is easily accessible, and offers climbs over 200ft. For veteran climbers seeking a challenge, the 130ft Redditt Airport cliffs and the 100ft Roadside cliffs to the east of Kenora (conveniently located right next to the highway) provide another 60 climbing routes to choose from.

New to climbing? Be sure to visit Green Adventures, or Kenora Rock Climbs for everything you need to get your outdoor summer adventure started.

A climber stands atop the cliff on Jones Road.


Kenora features two beautiful 18-hole golf courses and driving ranges. The Kenora Golf and Country Club is nestled on the shores of Lake of the Woods, and Beauty Bay Golf Course is situated on Black Sturgeon Lake. Both courses offer breathtaking views and challenging elevations. Surrounded by the vast reaches of the Boreal Forest, your time on the course will be spectacular—and provide plenty of the wildlife sightings that make golfing in Kenora a unique experience.

A golfer swings on the green at one of Kenora's two golf courses.


When you visit Kenora, be sure to have your camera ready at all times. With an abundance of wildlife both in and around the City, your chance at that picture-perfect wildlife shot could not be better. Start your outdoor summer adventure on one of our urban trail systems and you’ll likely find herons, otters, beavers, and foxes—you might even be lucky enough to spot a lynx or a wolf. Even downtown, you’re sure to see deer, bald eagles and flocks of geese. If you’re really keen to see all that the Boreal forest has to offer, head out into the backcountry for a chance sighting of a moose, bobcat, or any one of the many other mammals that make this beautiful region their home.

A whitetail deer faun takes its first steps through the forest.