Norman Park & Beach

Not only do you have a wonderful view of the action on the Lake of the Woods but you also have the added pleasure of Hoopla Island Water Park and the Kenora Rotary Splash Park. The beach features a shaded picnic area and accessible washrooms, with a new accessible playground coming soon. […]

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Keewatin Beach

This beach is nestled in between residential properties and offers a wonderful view of Lake of the Woods. Relax in the sunshine along the sandy beach or rest and read in the shady areas available. Peacefulness, gentle waves and fun in the sun are what Keewatin Beach offers. […]

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​​Garrow Park & Beach

Garrow Beach features a newly renovated playground and accessible shoreline. The Park is connected to the Rabbit Lake Trail System with a paved accessible path along the water’s edge. Kenora Rowing Club is situated here and regularly hosts rowing competitions throughout the summer. […]

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Coney Island Beach

Although only accessible by water, this beach is worth the trip and one of the must-dos during a Kenora summer. With a wonderful, westerly view of Lake of the Woods, Coney Island Beach features a seasonal snack shop, as well as a large field for soccer, Frisbee or any game of your choosing. […]

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Anicinabe Park & Beach

Anicinabe Park offers a full-service campground with over 100 sites for trailers and tents. The public beach has a protected swimming area with a wooden walkway crossing from shore to shore. Anicinabe loosely translated from Ojibway means “gathering place” so gather your friends and family and join in some summer fun. […]

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