Beach Venues that engage your Wedding Fancies to the fullest

There is nothing as memorable as exchanging lifetime vows at an exclusive beachfront resort surrounded by pristine white sands and the receding vastness of turquoise waters. The ingenuity of human creativity and the beauty of nature have combined to bring into being fabulous beach wedding venues that feature lavish attractions for engaging the fancy of every bride and groom. The Caribbean is one of the most favored destinations, but the rest of the world has other options for perfect wedding ceremonies. Here are some of the best choices.

Beach Wedding

White Bay Beach, Peter Island – British Virgin Islands

Couples that tied the knot on this isle can never forget the assuring seclusion and the immensity of nature’s visual appeal. This private destination gives you the choice of five beaches according to your preferences. There are places for those who prefer small intimate ceremonies and other spots for couples that want large and fabulous occasions. Marriage licenses are picked at Tortola before the wedding couple waits for three days for the wedding to take place. In the meantime, the couple savors the delights of the isle, which includes an outdoor bar, a popular marina, sailing excursions, a stellar spa and scuba.

Shoal Bay East Beach – Anguilla

Few destinations can ever hope to match the panoramic beauty of Shoal Bay East Beach. This beach has some of the best restaurants, villa complexes and resorts on the whole of Anguilla. In fact, this beach has been voted repeatedly as the best among the 33 beaches of Anguilla. Couples have a lot of fun to while away the time as they wait for their marriage license, which usually takes two days. Thrilling water sports, strolling along the vast beach and photography are some of the favorite activities that many couples prefer. At sundown, couples can relax at any of the beach front resorts and enjoy some romantic music and drinks as the bonding takes effect.

Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman

In all truth, Seven Mile Beach tells the story of harmony between man and nature. The wedding mood is perfected by the majesty of the turquoise sea and the architectural marvels of the 5-star restaurants. The seafront vegetation and other attractive vistas will always remind you that you are at the most ideal place for memorable wedding. The good thing about this island is that you can get your marriage license within a day. Wind surfing, parasailing and jet skiing are some of the activities that would make your wedding and honeymoon most memorable.

Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Islands – The Bahamas

The stunning three-mile beach is the ideal destination for a wedding of a lifetime. Pink Sands Beach is unique because of the beauty of its pink sands and the amazing expanse of the salty azure sea. It is ideal for couples who would love to mark a special day on a wide open space. For purposes of convenience, you should apply for your wedding license two days before the big day. The fondness of this destination derives from its relaxed vibe, which gives the couples the full advantage of exclusivity.